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Etiquettes of the Seeker of Knowledge (Women & Teen Girls)

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About Course

This class is a prerequisite for all of our classes. In this course, the student will learn the proper etiquettes of the seeker of knowledge to aid them on their learning journey In Shaa Allaah.

Class Time: Sunday 3:30PM-5PM EST 

Course Duration: May 5, 2024 – September 1, 2024

Course Content

Lesson 1
Purify your intention for Allaah in seeking knowledge Purify yourself inwardly & outwardly from that which contradicts the Shariah Daily Routine: A Routine with Allaah

  • KWL Chart
  • Intentions
  • Intentions, Manners & Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge

Lesson 2
Manners, Purifying Oneself Inwardly and Outwardly Cont. A Routine with the Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه وسلم

Lesson 3
Free your heart for knowledge and remove obstacles Daily Routine: Outside obligations Etiquettes 9-12

Lesson 4
Eat little, be cautious, and constantly remember Allaah Etiquettes 13-15

Lesson 5
Eat, sleep and speak as seldom as possible Etiquettes of the methodology of seeking knowledge Daily Routine: The path of seeking knowledge 1-3

Lesson 6
Reduce socialization and choose the right friends The etiquette of companionship

Lesson 7
Choose what to start with and who to teach you Etiquette of the seeker with his Shaykh 18-19 Daily Routine: The path of seeking knowledge 4-6

Lesson 8
Have the best manners with your teacher Etiquettes of the seeker with his Shaykh 20-22 Leading a life of knowledge 24-29

Lesson 9
Treat your books well Leading a life of knowledge 30-36

Lesson 10
How to act during a lesson Leading a life of knowledge 37-43

Lesson 11
Adorn yourself with the implementation of knowledge

Lesson 12


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Ameenah is an excellent Instruction , that takes time to explain what she teaches, very patient with her students and very flexible.
May Allah preserve her Ameen

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